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Machine Force Ltd

Kent based UK suppliers of plant operator training:

  • Telehandler training
  • Excavator training Mini
  • Excavators training
  • 180° excavator training
  • Skid Steer training
  • Fork lift training
  • Rough Terrain Forklift training
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) training
  • Bobcat Equipment training
  • Lorry Loader (Hiab) training
  • Roller training
  • Dumper training
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Plant & Machinery Driver Training

Telehandler TrainingTelehandler Training

Machine Force Ltd are able to offer training on a wide range of machines, including the increasingly popular telescopic handlers (telehandlers). Telehandler training can be undertaken at either your site or ours, and successful completion of the course results in a nationally recognised NPORS operator card.

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Our telehandler training course covers essential features of telescopic handler operation and maintenance, how to avoid the potential dangers during operation, to assess loads, move them safely and get the best from your telehandler.

Machine Force Ltd is registered with NPORS for a wide range of training requirements in England, we also meet the criteria as instructors. Additionally we provide continuing Professional Development courses, keeping you up to date with current industry standard either for group sessionson at your or for individuals at are site. As such Machine Force can ensure your personnel are fully prepared and qualified to operate these versatile machines through affective telehandler training.

Excavator trainingExcavator Training

Both mini & full size excavators are widely used throughout the building and grounds maintenance industry, they are known as Excavators, Diggers, Mini Diggers and Micro Diggers. An excavator's and digger's size, weight and power demand that these machines are operated within strict health and safety guidelines , these include accredited excavator training.

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We can simplify your excavator training requirements by coming to your premises and teach a group of your staff how to operate and maintain these complex machines together on your site. This has the advantage of developing some friendly camaraderie between the students and also reduces the time taken to complete the excavator training course, by eliminating the traveling time involved.

Alternatively we can run your excavator training course at our facilities on our own machines.

Forklift Operator TrainingForklift Training

Counterbalance forklifts, side shift forklifts and rough terrain forklifts operator training. Forklifts are widely used from warehouses to building sites. There are many different types each with their own particular requirements.

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The most common are counterbalance forklifts, side shift forklifts and rough terrain forklifts and each has its own requirements from the forklift truck training provided.

Accredited forklift truck training helps you not only stay within the current regulations but ensures that your staff fully understand the capabilities of the machine and therefore the most effective way to use it.

Lorry Loader (Hiab) Opertaor TrainingLorry Loader/Hiab Training

Practical and theoretical training in the operation of lorry loaders, lorry cranes and hiabs.

A large number of lorries and trucks now have some form of Lorry Loader for ensuring the lorries ability to unload without the need for additional lifting equipment.

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Unfortunately a lorries suspension does not make a very stable platform for a lorry loader, therefore a thorough understanding of the appropriate use of a Hiab is essential.

Hiab training not only ensures that your staff are fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of lorry loaders.

Dumper Operator TrainingDumper Training

Forward, Turntable, Articulated dumper truck training. Appropriate dumper training ensures you stay within the current regulations.

Skid Steer Training -

Skid steer loaders, bobcats, driver training.

Skid Steer Loaders maneuverability and versatility is why it's so important that they are operated by personnel who have successfully completed and accredited Skid Steer training course. Skid Steer training and qualification on these modern highly efficient machines are not only a legal requirement but are vital to their safe operation.

Ride On Rollers Training -

Ride on tarmac and ground roller operator training. By having the proper qualifications and roller training you not only stay with the current regulations but you help to ensure that your staff fully understand the capabilities of the machine and therefore the most efficient way of operation.

Roller training can either be held at your site for groups of people or at our own for individuals or smaller groups. Our roller training courses cover the theory and practice of operation and day to day maintenance.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Training -

MEWP, Scissor Lifts, Personnel Lifts, Self Propelled Booms, Trailer Moun;ed Booms training.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) are machine which are designed to act as access platforms for any high level access that may be required for building or maintenance, this may be working on the roof of a warehouse or replacing a window in a residential property.

Working at altitude has always involved a high level of risk, the correct MEWP training helps to ensure that any risk is reduced to minimum or even eliminated entirely.

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